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Assalamualaykum,.. HEALTH IN MARRIAGE

by Dr Kamarul Azahar Bin Mohd Razali


  • According to the Oxford dictionary, the meaning : condition of a person's body or mind. State of being physically & mentally healthy.
  • In Islam : Spiritually healthy & Socially healthy. Islam always have a constant link to Allah Ta'ala.


  • Positive state of being; not absence of any diseases.
  • Disease is a state of dis-equilibrium. Loss of spiritual equilibrium is a disease in itself, soon leads to physical disease.
  • Keeping the body in good health is a resposibily, amanat.
  • Neglect of one's health is a sin.
  • Good health is a gift from Allah subhanwa ta'ala


  • Oxford dictionary : Legal relationship between a husband & wife
  • Islamic perspective : A commitment the partners make to one another as well as to God, Allah. (quranic verses, 4:1, 7:107, 30:21)
  • Marriage is a sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alaihi wasalam : normal, natural course for women & men.
  • Marriage is the only institution allowing full expression of human sexuality in a responsible way.  


  • Equitable and realistic moderation. The contract is a serious, permanent bond if not workable, may be terminated in honour, kindness, with equity & peace.
  • Procreation of the human race. Advisable not to marry next to kin /  close relatives (though you can). As inter-racial/inter-cultural marriages produces better genes.
  • Sustenance. Work hard on the marriage, communicate more and pray hard... inshallah.. "they'll live happily ever after." Happily in this world and hereafter. Marriage for this world and for the hereafter.


  • Choosing spouse. The best Muslim is the one who is best to his family, and the greatest, most blessed joy in life is a good righteous wife (Prophet Muhammad SAW)
  • Educate women and of course, men. Knowledge is wealth.. marry an educated woman. Marry, and educate your woman.
  • 'Parenting Skills' Not hands down.. its hands on & on & on.. Need to acquire & upgrade continuously.
  • Educating Children Parents are the best role models.. Increase positive empowerment, decrease corporal punishment.
  • Rule of Seven : until they are 7 of age .. Play with them and also teach them how to pray at early age...

                                       the next 7 (14 years of age) .. discipline them....

                                              the third 7 (21 and above) .. be their 'friend'...


  • The pregnancy & the fetus must be wanted. No sex preference, though it's nice to prefer. However pray for a pious child.
  • Prevention of fetal abnormalities (1st 10 weeks). No smoking/alcohol/drug abuse/decrease folinic acid.
  • Spiritual / phsycological / mental / physical preparations
  • Ante-natal visits & health screening
  • Preparation for breast feeding / delivery
  • Choosing of baby's name (good meaning in Islam)

to be continued..

Salams, Ayesha



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