Ayesha Hamid (ckeytee) wrote in marriage_islam,
Ayesha Hamid

Assalamualaykum "The Righteous Hubby" and "The Pious Wife"

Bismillaah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem
Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa baraakatu

The Pious Wife
by Abu Jameelah

Marriage to her is one half of the deen,
The benefit Allah has put in her is yet to be seen*.
She wears her hijab for her Lord, to please and obey,
She turns to Allah for salaah at least five times each day.
She prays in the night and makes sure to awake you,
And sprinkles you with water if sleep should overtake you.
She protects her chastity with firmness because she does not desire,
To displease Allah and end up in the tormenting fire.
She asks the people who know when matters need to be rectified,
She is not blinded by self righteousness and foolish pride.
She is humble and kind to her husband as Allah has commanded,
Never leaving him alone, isolated, nor stranded.
She only responds, for Allah's Sake in the manner which is best,
Not resisting her husband when he makes a reciprocal request.
She takes care of herself and never ceases to try,
To beautify herself and her character so to please his eye.
She is a pleasure Allah has given to us in this life,
Be thankful to Allaah alone for His blessing, THE PIOUS WIFE.

The Righteous Husband
by Abu Jameelah

He is a protector and like a lion when the need should arise,
Abusiveness and oppresion is not that upon which his manhood relies.
His words are kind, gentle, and soft upon her ear,
Yet clearly spoken and loud enough for her heart to hear.
He comes home to his wife with contentment and anticipation,
Being very attentive to her needs, endowing upon her total elation.
He fears his Lord, The Most Merciful and Sublime,
By being mindful and aware of how he provides her the time,
To have peace and relaxation of her soul, her body, and her mind.
He is the friend and companion the one whom she will always admire,
Protecting not only himself but also her from the fire.
He is the one who's hard to find all throughout the land,
The favor and blessing from her Lord, The Righteous Husband.



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