Yusuf (malehijab) wrote in marriage_islam,

HijabMan Personals: Find your Steady Muslim Buddy :-)


“We enter every marriage by articulating a covenant with God. But either this covenant is a mere formality or it has actual meaning. Doesn’t God say in reference to marriage, ‘And, we have taken from you a weighty covenant’ (4:21). God uses this same language when talking about a covenant with Israel (4:154) and a covenant with the prophets (33:7). So is the covenant of marriage as serious as a covenant with the prophets, or does God speak in Jest?”
—Khaled Abou El Fadl,Conference of the Books, 256

What is this about?

Simple. Some of my buddies need honeys, and some other buddies need hubbies. You have halal speed dating, a ridiculous amount of internet matrimonials, and now you have HijabMan Personals: Find your Steady Muslim Buddy (SMB)

See site linked above for more details :)
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